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Sure Shot Pro Shot Basketball Unit

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Hoops63509 Sure Shot Pro Shot Basketball Unit

Product Reference: 63509

The Sure Shot Pro Shot Basketball Hoop and Stand – a full size unit with height adjustment system up to Official 3.05m.

Ideal for youth players and adults alike; the unit includes a removeable backboard and ring design that allows the height of the backboard and ring to be adjusted between 7’ 7” to official height of 10’ (2.35m to 3.05m). With a simple and convenient hand lift to adjust the height to the desired level the ring height can be set at increments of 10cm between 235cm to 305cm. With a secure locking system to secure the ring and backboard in place once adjusted to the required height. 

The Pro Shot unit includes a durable acrylic backboard measuring 44” x 30” (110cm x 75cm) with grey trim and shooters square. For added safety the unit includes backboard padding edge guard on the base of the board. The model includes an 18” (45cm) steel ring, with springs for a flex ring effect, suitable for full size basketballs.

The backboard and ring are set on a sturdy 3-piece steel pole. The unit includes a moulded base that requires water or sand for stability when is use – with two wheels included for easy movement.

Backboard Material: Durable acrylic backboard (on PE Frame)
Backboard size: 44” x 30” (110cm x 75cm)
Backboard Colour: Clear with Grey Target and Edge
Ring: 18” Steel ring (45cm) with springs and a 16mm diameter steel.
Height: 7’ 7” to 10’ (2.35mm to 3.05m)
Adjustment: Removeable backboard and ring system
Pole: 3-piece steel (66mm diameter)
Padding: Yes – Pole padding included
Base: HDPE to be filled with water / sand (65KG Required)
Wheels: Yes